Virtual Conference Information

Conference Handouts

You will find session materials and/or powerpoint presentations under each conference session in the Conference Program. Click on the applicable session title to view session details and find presentation materials. Presenters may continue to add materials during the event so continue to check for added documents.

Conference Evaluation

We ask that attendees complete one evaluation per zoom session they attend.

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Session Recordings

Some session recordings may be viewable to the registered attendees of that session. After the conference, to check to see if a session has a viewable recording, log in to your IECC Dashboard and click Session Recordings.

Official Certificate of Attendance

If you wish to purchase an official certificate of attendance, there is a $20 fee and it will be emailed 45 days after the conference to the email address on file for your registration. This is the only verified form of attendance record for the conference. This certificate must be purchased no later than 5pm on Monday, May 13th, 2024.

To purchase your official certificate, log in to your IECC Dashboard and click Purchase Official Certificate.

Record of Participation

The unofficial record of participation is to be completed by the participant. Please note this record is not verified and this is for participant's tracking and record purposes only. This should not be used for verification or continuing education.

Clock Hours

Clock Hours can be purchased at $3 per clock hour rounded down to the nearest half hour, plus an administrative fee of $3.50. You will calculate your conference hours when you have completed all applicable sessions. Clock Hours will be available to purchase from your IECC Dashboard starting at 2pm on Tuesday, May 7th and must be purchased by 5pm on Monday, May 13th.

Keynote Recordings

Monday Keynote – Recording NOT Available

*For contract reasons we were unable to record this keynote session however JoWanda Rollins-Fells sent over some quotes to share!

"No significant learning takes place without a significant relationship" - Dr. James Comer

"All learning is double-coded, both mentally and emotionally. How you feel about something is part of the learning and your openness to learning. Most learning is in essence emotional. Virtual all learning starts with a significant relationship." - Stanley Greenspan & Bery; Benderly

Rita Pierson's Ted Talk

Friday Keynote –

**Special Notes or Announcements


**In order to be awarded credit for attendance please make sure your screen name matches the name you are registered under and you attend a minimum of 90% of the session time. If you need assistance please message the IECC technical assistant.

**STARS Credit will automatically be entered after the conference. Please make sure you provided your STARS ID with registration and that you attend the entire zoom session live. Allow up to 30 days for credit to appear in MERIT.

**Purchase your clock hours under your IECC dashboard immediately following the conference. Once attendance is verified you will be sent your individualized clock hours form. This can take 30-45 days.

**Your official certificate of attendance will be sent via email 45 days following the conference. If you have note received it by June 17th please email


** Some session recordings may be viewable to the registered attendees of that session. To check to see if a session has a viewable recording, log in to your IECC Dashboard and click Session Recordings.


  1. When you enter a session participants will be muted with cameras off - presenters will alert attendees when to engage video/audio capabilities of participation. This feature is to help us reduce distraction for larger sessions.
  2. When participating with your camera on and unmuted please have a quiet and non-distracting location to participate. Sessions will be interactive and may include discussion or breakout groups.
  3. Have snacks and drinks available for yourself during the conference sessions so you can fully engage.
  4. Print out or have session handouts materials available for your use in advance.